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Mechanisms motivate people, Culture shapes people, True feelings affectionate people, Pursuit of car

May, 2018- Some members of the Yong Xian Cultural Limited Group had held a three-day team building campaign. The cooperate bonding 

activities have strengthening the bonding among the team members and develop the team cohesion. The natural setting of the event was 

designed to provide social interaction and to build up the member’s communication skills and enhance the team performance. It laid a 

good foundation for everyone to work together and sprint jointly towards the Group's strategic goals.



The team building activities concluded into internal training and physical training. The internal training mainly focuses on the construction of 

relevant systems such as human resources, legal affairs, admin and other departments to boost up the cognitive skills. The physical training 

mainly focuses on badminton, table tennis, beach soccer, and sailing. These intensive training and physical challenges, had motivated the 

team to grow and adapt at work to achieve career goal. And, not to forget about the entertainment. The group also held a Karaoke competition 

for stress relieve and to boost self-esteem of team members.



The team building campaign not only carried out further communication and better interaction of all employees in the group, but also increased 

the trust and understanding of team members in a more interesting way through various activities. It strengthened the determination of the 

whole Yong Xian Culture Group to unite and work together to achieve the group's goals. Nevertheless, its a great opportunity to take a step 

closer to nature, to enjoy the green environments of the beautiful mountains and clear sea, since everyone has been working under intense 

pressure. It also helps to improve work efficiency, mobilize work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and create a more up-to-date corporate culture, 

in order to realize the dream with the group.

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