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On March 25th, YongXian Education came to the School of Art of Shandong University (Weihai). Teacher

On March 25th, YongXian Education came to the School of Art of Shandong University (Weihai). Teacher Zou Xiang brought a stunning artistic 

feast to the audience here. "Eternal Classical Spirit" is the theme of the concert that Zou Xiang has launched this year, and the concert in 

Weihai tonight is the premiere of this theme.

Before the concert officially began, the audience expressed their eager anticipation of the concert. The audience not only had the teachers 

and students of the school, but also the local music lovers, as well as art lovers who came from outside to listen to the concert.

This concert is not just a simple list of the songs. It is a series of three representative figures in the history of German and Austrian classical 

music: the representative works of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, and the arrangement of the whole works is also a concert. The theme is 

step by step.

Bach’s two representative works - "康塔塔“耶稣永远是我的幸福”(Jesus bleibet meine Freude – Chorale from Cantata), 圣咏前奏曲“来吧,

异教徒的救世主”(Chorale Prelude in g Minor) is based on chorus and praise songs, and provides the audience with a religious opening, and 

an ambience hint for the next Beethoven work.

Teacher Zou Xiang also played Beethoven's No. 111, which everyone likes very much. After the past 10 years, this play has made the 

audience full of happiness.

The final performance is Brahms No. 5, which gives the audience a broad imagination and fully feels the power of music and the volume 

of music.

Through the whole concert, the performance of the German classical music, let all the audience see the other side of the teacher Zou 

Xiang. He is not only the experts who play modern music, but also the masters of art and high artistic literacy.

The eternal classical spirit is not limited to the classical elements of a certain historical period, but also symbolizes the eternal immortal 

state of the music of the humanistic spirit pursuing sublimation.

After the concert, we interviewed some live audiences.

Zhang Bing, Department of Music, Shandong University (Weihai) Art Academy:

First of all, this concert is very exciting tonight. Teacher Zou Xiang has shown a very professional level and is very accurate in grasping 

the style of each piano. In addition, YongXian Education collaboration the top domestic and international art masters continue to carry 

out such high-quality public concerts throughout the country. I think local colleges, especially our Shandong University (Weihai) Art 

Academy, are very beneficial. Of course, we also hope that In the future, we will have more cooperation with YongXian Education. We 

will bring more concerts and master classes of art masters to our campus, and pass on the spirits and skills for us. Thank you!

Teacher Wang Yan, Department of Music, Shandong University (Weihai): 

I think that the solo concert of the Zou Xiang piano solo tonight is the best in our 15 years in Shandong University (Weihai) Art College. 

There are two aspects, first, the professional level of piano by Mr. Zou Xiang is very high. The second is the audience's recognition and 

high expectations, including some viewers coming to Qingdao and Yantai tonight, and in the end there are still quite a few viewers who 

are unable to enter due to the limitations of the venue. I personally think that Zou Xiang experts are playing. Excellence show! thank you 

very much!

Piano students:

I feel that this concert has given me a deep feeling, because Mr. Zou Xiang is very engaged in the playing process, and his attitude 

towards music is very worth learning. In the concert, I found a few details. For example, after he finished a piece of music, he took 

out a new white cotton cloth to wipe the piano. I think this detail reflects his perfect pursuit of music, so I think in the future. On the 

road to learning music, I have to reflect on whether I can pursue the ultimate pursuit of music like Mr. Zou Xiang, and treat music 

and love music like Mr. Zou Xiang. At the same time, I feel that it is a very good thing for us to do these public welfare concerts in 

the country. I hope that there will be more opportunities in the future to experience the high-quality and high-quality artistic 

charm. Thank you!

Violin students:

This concert tonight is probably the most impact one I have seen since I was in college for three years. Not only is the scene full of 

seats, but the charm of the whole concert has made me very enjoy. In just one and an half hours, let me admire Beethoven from 

Bach, and I will appreciate the charm of Brahms from Beethoven. The one that impressed me the most is Brahms. He (Zou Xiang 

teacher) made me very impressed by the five movements that have played solemn Allegro, expressive slabs and firm Allegro, let 

me swim in the ocean of music.

Although I am not a piano student, I feel that it is very worthwhile to enjoy this concert tonight. This has also aroused my interest

 in piano learning. I will actively talk to the teachers and classmates of the piano department in the future. Let's explore and make 

some progress in my piano skills.

Thanks to everyone who supports YongXian Education and loves high art and pursues elegant art.

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