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Dialogue/Music is Life - Interview with Pianist Alexander Kosantia

The germination seeds of music


Alexander Korsantia is a Georgian international award-winning pianist, Alexander began his musical studies inspired by his mother, the piano 

professor of the Tbilisi State Conservatory. His mother taught piano students at home during Alexander's childhood. Eventually, Alexander 

was able to hear the emotions contained in the melody from an early age. He will dance happily when he hears happy music, and when he 

hears the sad movement, he will feel a sadness with no reason.


Alexander was like a seeds of music, the seed gradually sprouted since his childhood. As Alexander became more and more aware of the 

music, he began to comment and discussed about his mother's piano students. He always listened to the students' performances at the 

piano room of his own home. Alexander always able to give the best advices and point out the inadequacies in the students' performance 

even at his young age. 


Hence, Alexander naturally embarked on a long road of music. As a recognized child prodigy, he had won a gold medal in his first 

competition at the age of 16. To him, music is everything to him and he will never give up on it.


"We have the reason to do this," said Alexander. This is a glorious task. A beautiful mission. So that people see things from different 

perspective, and the perception of beauty has varied in different ways, personal spiritual growth, and open to infinite possibilities that 

exist in life. This is what musicians do. We had enriched ourselves at the same time when we are creating music.”



The continuation of the nature of the artist’s soul

During the Yong Xian music tour in Beijing, Tianjin and Zhengzhou, Alexander had played the works of many composers such as 

Schubert and Haydn. To him, music performing is not just playing every note in the score, it is more about the emotions, the 

emotions that expressed through the music pieces by the performer.


“The composer completed the music work at first, when the performer received the score, he need to blend in his unique character 

into the DNA of the piece. Whether the fusion is good or not is doomed to the success of the performance of this work.”

In every beginning of the concert, Alexander will share the story of Schubert with the audience. Schubert died at the age of 31, 

tortured by illness in his later years. Even in his whole life, he didn't even have the courage to love someone. He always living in 

inferiority, because of his low self-esteem of his appearance. Alexander was touched by the power and gentleness of Schubert's 

heart. He felt that a person who does not seem to understand love, and has not been loved, had written the world's most gentleness 

music about love.


Schubert's sonata in b major, beginning with the conflict and hostility between life and death. Life and death are harmoniously 

integrated at the end of the music. This is also Schubert's self-salvation. He accepts death calmly, just as he accepts that he may 

not be perfect. He has a great, soul-like soul like the sky.


Teacher Alexander said that, his tears often flowing out when he practiced this piece of music alone. He had also integrated 

himself into this work. We saw the different emotion of him when he playing quietly, and passionately sometimes on the stage. 

The piano seems to be alive as well, communicate through the changes between the black and white keys. We were like seeing 

Schubert himself who playing on stage, and telling us his story in the language of music.

“I believe that all the great composers, who has died in 200 years ago, will seem to have revived, even more than some of us 

who are actually alive when their music were playing, its because of their spirit is still being continued and respected. ”

For Alexander, there is no music which only exists for its own aesthetic value, especially for classical music. It's like covered by 

a piece of velvet cloth, it's mysterious, a soft touch that you can imagine. Everyone will sneak in gently, as if to open the velvet 

cloth and to find something that belongs to him. Music can always comfort every person’s heart.

"Love, friendship, maternal love, patriotism, or passion for religion, you can find all the most important and passionate feelings

 in music. They will never disappear with time. A wonderful music will never get old."

When talking about the different cultures of China and the West, Teacher Alexander said that music and culture are mutually 

reinforcing and mutually influential. The origin of music depends on different religions and cultures. For Western countries, a 

very important part of religion and culture is correspondence compassion and confliction. Therefore, Western music pays more

 attention to the expression of a strong emotion.

The important parts of Chinese religion and culture are calm and peace. Chinese music is to make people more focused, calm 

and peaceful. If you want to understand music more deeply, you need to open yourself and keep abreast of new knowledge 

and background. In this way, you can have keep on getting better in music performance: it is no longer a performance of the 

music, but a performance with a layer of understanding, incorporating background knowledge, personal emotions, and 

personal understanding.



 The moment on the stage

For musicians, playing is not as simple as it seems. You have only one chance, and you need to establish good communication 

with the audience and is crucial for a successful performance.


“The performer walks onto the stage is like exposes himself to the audience, and you have that only one chance.”

For Alexander, the Chinese tour has given him a greater sense of mission. The fast-growing economy of China, along with the 

newly built airports, viaducts and high-rises, it should be a continuous source of art and culture that complements people's 

spiritual needs. Popularizing high-quality art is an urgent mission for the land of China.


Since the show has been held in April, there are 78 concerts concerts held throughout the country. In the long road of 

popularizing high-quality art, the selfless dedication and support of the masters is one of the greatest motivations for 


“This team is not the kind of team that are materialistic in this business atmosphere. Instead of this, they are a bunch of young, 

talented, positive, and visionary team. The appropriate values will bring the team goes further, and there is their understanding 

of the beauty of cultural art.”


“I feel very honored and hope to return this goodwill.”

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