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YongXian Education Academy Line - Yuan Chenye's solo concert - "Two precious hours"

At 7:30 pm on May 14th, 2017, Yuan Chenye solo concert of YongXian Education Center was successfully completed in the Concert Hall of 

South China Normal University (University City). Yuan Chenye and the famous piano artist Xu Hong presented a high-quality audio-visual 

feast to the audience, which won the audience's enthusiastic response.

In this concert, the songs include German, French, Italian, English, Chinese and other languages. In order to make the audience better 

understand and appreciate, Yuan teacher specially set the explanation of the lyrics before the performance. From "离开了犹丽迪切我怎么活

(Che Faro senza Euridice)" and "无论你往何处(Quo Vadis)", the two operas "奥菲欧和犹丽迪切(Orfeo ed Euridice)" and "塞魅丽(Semele)" are 

the first opening songs to win the audience's warm cheers and applause. In the following singing, Yuan teacher not only sang "把你的目光

转向她(turn your gaze to her)", vocal music set "旅行者之歌(Des Knaben Wunderhorn)", "花非花(A Flower in the Haze)", "多情的土地(Lovely 

Land)", "明月几时有(Thinking of You)" and "堂吉诃德致达西尼娅套曲(Don Quixote) and many classic works. Beside, have presented two arias 

from the opera "尼克松在中国(Nixon in China)", "大家开始庆祝殊途同归(We are beginning to celebrate the same path)", "我老了,也不能总是

沉睡(I am old, and I can't always sleep)."

It is worth mentioning that in the opera "Nixon in China", Teacher Yuan plays Prime Minister Zhou Enlai and is the only Chinese in the 

drama. The opera was performed by Teacher Yuan on the international stage for 46 times, and the concert in this concert was the 

premiere in China. Teacher Yuan has won international recognition with his unremitting pursuit and exquisite interpretation. She also 

inspires young people to progress and explore in performances and education. The concert was selected from the classic baritone aria "

是你玷污了我的灵魂(Eri tu che macchiavi)" from the opera "假面舞会(Un ballo in maschera)" as a finale. The audience ended with a rhythm 

of applause, with the most passionate and sincere. Cheers are looking forward to Yuan’s return. The response of the audience continued, 

and Yuan’s return. Tonight, Yuan Chenye completed the two-hour singing alone, and the audience enjoyed it. Yuan teacher will make 

the audience understand every each piece, the integration of the characters and the control of the emotions. The audience said that this 

is very precious two hours.


This concert is the first time that YongXian Education has entered the South China Normal University, allowing more art practitioners and 

enthusiasts in Guangzhou to enter the concert hall free of charge and to get in touch with the artists. Many viewers lamented: "This is 

excellence !

Dean Yang of the Conservatory of Music of South China Normal University: "I feel that the activity of YongXian Education is bravo, other 

than Beijing, there are too few opportunities to truly hear such outstanding artists performing. Through such a concert of public interest,

 it is really a good thing for so many artists to listen to such top voices in different cities of the country. We hope that such music concerts 

will keep consistency to send benefits to more art scholars."

Teacher Ding Yi from the Conservatory of Music of South China Normal University: “YongXian Education have been carrying out such 

concerts in the country, and the academically strong concerts such as high-quality art have been well received. No one is free, only 

YongXian. It’s doing it, and it’s really happening. It’s a very good thing.”

Student: "I really like Teacher Yuan’s singing. I usually listen to a lot of Teacher Yuan's videos, including some works from abroad. I think 

the master-level singer concerts are very touching and impact. Every piece can feel Teacher Yuan’s musical sentiment from the voice 

especially like the Chinese work “寻找回来的世界(Looking Back to the World)” brought by Teacher Yuan’s first return. I think it is a very 

philosophical work, and the song was also sung in my second concerts. In fact, it was inspired by Teacher Yuan. Today's concert made me 

very excited and enjoyable, and it was really wonderful and too unexpected to get close to Yuan teacher. I heard that the concerts of 

YongXian Education have been held in the country for more than 80. I feel that in the process, YongXian Education are too indifferent to 

fame and fortune, because the continuous performances like this should be in the music circle. Form a brand, let more people know about 

such things, and let more people have the opportunity to hear the voices of these highest-level musicians in cities across the country. 

Particularly special enjoyment, this is also thanks to the emergence of cinema education do such a good thing. "

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