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As soon as she opened her mouth, the spring of Longcheng – Dilber Yunus solo concert

She is known as "China's Nightingale". She is hailed as "National Treasure" by Sweden and Finland. Some people praise her as the best flower 

soprano in the world today. "There are more opera houses, there is only one in Dilber Yunus." Some people say that her singing is as clean as 

crystal. This public solo concert, co-organized by the YongXian Education Center and Shanxi University, made me re-recognize the person 

who is as pure and beautiful as the eyes--Dilber Yunus, her voice, the spring of the Longcheng.

On the evening of March 17, Dilber Yunus charity solo concert was successfully held in the concert hall of Shanxi University. Dilber Yunus 

prepared songs in seven languages. The first half was a relatively academic work, the second half. It is a concert type song. Among them are 

the two songs of Handel and Rachmaninoff, all of which are very academic and pure art songs; there are "七月的草原(Savannah of July)" and 

two lullaby songs of concert type; there are operas The arias, as well as Chinese art songs: such as "春思曲(Spring Songs)", "教我如何不想他

(How Can I Help But Think of You)", etc.; there are also folk songs adapted "喀什噶尔女郎(Kashgar Girl)". The whole music allowed everyone 

to taste different tastes, from the most academic to the relatively popular, and also made the concert's songs rich and colorful. This 

arrangement made our audience and friends all over the place full of happiness.

As an audience, I was enchanted by her beautiful and mellow singing. During the midfield, I interviewed some people who came to the 

concert and asked about their feelings.

Mr. Kong, from the Shanxi Academy of Arts and Crafts, said: "This concert by Dilber Yunus has brought a fresh feeling to the Shanxi vocal 

world. It is a rare learning opportunity for us. Both the sound and the expressiveness of the song are very comfortable and impressive."

Teacher Yang of Shanxi University said: "The campus is a place where knowledge gathers. There is such an elegant concert entering the 

university concert hall to raise the height of our thoughts. If words are used to explain the concert tonight, I would like to say wonderful, 


Teacher Ma said: "The public welfare concert has entered the university, and the elegant art has entered the music school. We can hear 

such elegant art and through observation and study, we can have an update of our ideas for our classmates and teachers. The level is 

improved. I will bring the music skills of Dilber Yunus to my teaching philosophy."

Some students said: "When each song was sung by Dilber Yunus, I felt that every cell in my body was shocking. I was so lucky to have 

such an elegant concert in the concert hall of the college. Thanks to Teacher Dilber Yunus, thank you for the powerful shocking and 

enjoyable experience. The whole process of the concert made me very touched. Every interpretation of the works made me admire, 

and the scene sounded. The warm and exhilarating applause, the perfect tone, the beautiful piano sound, and the unique ethnic music, 

and each piece of work has been interpreted to the fullest, is simply the embodiment of beauty."

These are not praises, they are the true feelings, only the people who have came to the hall know.

After the concert, I had the opportunity to interview Dilber Yunus. I just noticed that she was a little cough in the concert, but it did not 

affect her beauty of singing and voice. I asked her for the secret, but she said "There is no skill to say. If there is any, it is based on years 

of tempered techniques and solid foundations to overcome the difficulties encountered on the stage." I knew that she recently 

successfully hosted so many solo concerts and asked her about those concerts and she said with ease: "Singing is my profession and I 

have become part of my life. I have participated in operas and participated in these years. A lot of parties, in this impetuous social 

environment, I want to calm down and sing quietly. It has been 11 years since the last solo concert." Lastly I asked the last question, 

this concert is a public concert held by Shanxi University. What kind of views do you have on the public welfare concert going into the 

university campus? She did not hesitate to answer: She has been doing it all the time, and this idea of YongXian Culture Group 

popularizing high-quality art. She is very supportive of such bold attempts, so she is actively involved. Her teacher has been doing 

popularization so far, and she is committed to the teacher, so she needs to do more.

At the end of the concert, she saluted the audience. I noticed that she had a Uyghur-specific greeting. People said that she belongs to 

a national and a world. What kind of reason is there for people who love their hometown? When people took pictures with her, the 

cleaning aunt in the corner was waiting. She smiled and sat with the cleaning aunt, satisfying the wishes of many people. Ain’t like 

she had just finished a solo performance of more than a dozen songs. She was already exhausted. This is Dilber Yunus in my eyes, a 

person who is as pure and beautiful as the eyes.

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