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YongXian Culture Group and University of Malaya successfully held a joint signing ceremony


Chinese attendees: Wang Geng, Chairman of the YongXian Culture Group, Cui Ying,  Director and Vice President of YongXian Culture Group, Shi Youcheng, a world famous music 

producer and a member of Grammy (formerly produced for Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, BB Ken, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, etc., 

and many famous Chinese singers for "Beijing Welcomes You", etc.), YongXian Education (Malaysia) LTD Chang Fangfang, Cheng 

Jinxiu attended the signing ceremony. University of Malaya representative: Dr. Mohd Nasir Hashim, Director of Art Center of Malaya 

University, Cheong Ku Wing, Deputy Director, Dr. Hu Wei Si, International Center of Malaya University, Dr. Wong Kwan Yie, 

Department of Music, University of Malaya, Dr. Marlenny Deenerwan, Department of Drama, Dr.Genevieve Gamache of the 

Department of Visual Arts, and Dr.Premalatha Thiagarajan of the Department of Dance attended the signing ceremony.


Dr. Mohd Nasir Hashim, Director of the Art Center of the University of Malaya


(Chairman of YongXian Culture Group Wang Geng)


(Exchange Agreement between China and Malaysia)

The University of Malaya is ranked 87th in the QS World University. It is the number one comprehensive university in Malaysia and the most powerful institution of higher learning in Malaysia. The YongXian Culture Group and the University of Malaya have joined forces to unify the idea of running a school and use the strong resources of both parties to invite the world's leading faculty to provide a first-class teaching environment. To provide an authoritative and professional education service platform for students studying art around the world to build a world-class art school.

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