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Ninth Beijing Rose Culture Festival Intangible Heritage Carnival

   On June 11, 2017, the “Intangible Heritage Carnival” event successfully ended. In the purpose of promoting and inheriting Chinese culture and 

creating a new highland integrating the culture of Beijing South and intangible heritage, it was successfully completed in just 50 preparatory days, 

lasting 25 days, by four major sections: the non-legacy food art, non-legacy craftsmanship, non-legacy art, non-legacy performance, 33 theme 

pavilions, composed of "intangible heritage carnival." At the end of the event, we have also found some space that needs to be solved and 


    Countdown to 50 days

   At the end of March 2017, during a meeting with Beijing Xingwei Eternal Investment Management Co., Ltd., it was learned that the 9th Beijing 

Rose Cultural Festival would be held in the World Season Theme Park. Yongxian Group was invited to co-host the event. On April 1st, Yongxian 

culture group held a temporary meeting to set up a special working group for the event, which started 50 days after the countdown. After a week, 

the theme of the event was defined as “intangible heritage Carnival”, and interpret the non-legacy culture through the four sections of 

“non-legacy food art”, “non-legacy craftsmanship”, “non-legacy art” and “non-legacy performance” to present the charm of non-legacy 


   The special working groups are divided into: activity coordination group, marketing public relations group, logistics group, activity security and 

transportation support group. The working groups of each group start work after establishing the division of activities of their respective activities.

 During the preparations for the event, there was a great resistance during the negotiation with the merchants.

  Many intangible heritage products have extremely high requirements for on-site production, but the production conditions in the park are limited. 

There is no open fire that can be replaced by electricity. The most important thing is that the merchants come to the park themselves and see that 

the surrounding environment is not perfect and there are not so many people visiting, they have expressed their reluctance to come, but ultimately 

based on the trust with Yongxian Culture Group, they finally make sure to participate in this event.

  After that, booths, hydropower layout, personnel training, merchant training, security firefighting, sanitation and epidemic prevention departments 

all worked together to successfully complete the preparatory work. After passing the various inspections, the merchants entered the park in an 

orderly manner on May 18th.

"Intangible Heritage Carnival" debut in Beijing

On May 21, 2017, under the backdrop of the gorgeous rose flowers, the “Intangible Heritage Carnival” arrived as scheduled. The guests at the 

opening ceremony were: Director of the National People's Congress Foreign Affairs Committee, former Deputy Minister of the Central Committee 

of the Communist Party of China Ma Wenpu; former Vice Minister of the Central Committee of the Ministry of Zhou Li;

Secretary of the Central Committee of the Ministry of Education, Xue Qiliang; Dean of the Old Artists Painting and Calligraphy Institute of the Ministry 

of Culture, Chinese Minorities Lu Yaoru, President of the Art Promotion Association; He Lilou, director of the Daxing District Landscaping Bureau; Yan 

Shumin, director of the District Tourism Committee; Ma Bing, deputy director of the Party Committee; Wei Jingzhuang Town Party Committee 

Secretary Xie Jingran; Wei Shanzhuang Town Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Mayor Wang Wei; Wei Shanzhuang Town People's Congress 

Chairman Li Lin; Zhu Mingqiang, deputy general manager of the National New Media Industry Base; and members of the Weishanzhuang Town 

team and heads of various departments

   33 theme pavilions, nearly 100 kinds of non-staple snacks, dozens of non-legacy crafts, entertainment, all-day non-legacy performances, officially 

show visitors, visitors from the taste, visual, auditory three-dimensional experience of China's excellent traditional culture The essence of the world has

 added a lot to the theme park of the world. In response to the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, the “Non-legacy Carnival” launched a series of 

special events, and the audience was full of addiction. Through on-site interaction, non-genetic inheritors and audiences have also turned over. The 

"non-legacy culture" in performing arts has enabled the audience to experience the non-legacy culture, feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture,

 and inherit and carry forward China's outstanding national culture and national spirit.

  During the event, the working groups did not relax their work, not only do the service work for the merchants (materials, etc.), but more importantly, 

the food safety, fire safety issues, discipline issues, etc. Check, meet with the merchant after the end of the day, and propose comments to be revised. 

Each member of the working group not only has strict requirements for himself, but also rigorous and orderly details of each job. During the operation 

period, there was no incident that violated the regulations of the park and the “Business Information” regulations. There was no food safety incident 

and there was no safety liability accident.

Under the cooperation of all of you, the first show of the “Intangible heritage Carnival” was well received by tourists.

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